※ Job code can not be configured via BioStar 2 SW but only BioStar 2 SDK v2.4.1 or later. 

※ Job code is supported on only some devices : N2, A2, L2, FaceLite, FaceStation 2, X-Station 2, FaceStation F2, 

BioStation 3
(Please check the user guide for each device.)

The basic concept of the job code in our devices is that all users has it's own memory for the job code. Each user can have up to 16 job codes, and these codes are not shared. Thus, when enrolling a user, you will need to allocate each job code to the user.

To use the job code, the job code feature needs to be enabled from the device. When a user presses the job code button, the device will ask for an authentication. This is to get the job code allocated to the user, and this is not an actual 'authentication'. Once the authentication is done, then the available job codes will appear on the screen.

Then the user needs to select a job code and press 'Ok'. This means from now on, all authentications made from this user will have the selected job code on the log.

To change the job code, the user will need to press the job code again and follow the previous steps.

So, the step from device will be

1. Press 'Job Code' button

2. Authenticate

3. Select a Job Code

4. Press 'Ok'

- By this step, it will distinguish which job code this user will be using

5. Authentication

- The selected job code will appear.

In SDK, if you would like to see how to set up this, you can refer to UserControl.cs, the part setting job code.