Sync Issue Types

There are two types cases where the device is out of sync when you're using Automatic User Synchronization in the Setting > Server menu.

1. The device may have a exclamation mark, showing that it is out of sync. 

2. Or the device may not have all the users enrolled in the server when you check with Mange Users in Device but does not have a sync error. 

Note: the server does not compare all the users on the device with the users in the server. It sees if the device is in sync with the server based on a index. If the sync process was interrupted before, the index may have updated to claim that the device is up to date, but the actual user sync may have failed to make the device in this state. 


To resolve this proceed with follows: 

1. First check that the device network connection is stable

2. Choose your device and click Sync Device.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, proceed with below: 

1. Select your devices that requires synchronization

2. Click ...

3. Select Delete Data & Sync Device 

This will force sync the device. If you have many users this may take a while. 

Further Troubleshooting

If you would like to troubleshooting why the sync is not possible with the Sync Device feature, you must provide the following information for analysis.

If these information are unknown, engineers cannot troubleshoot the issue and the issue will have to be resolved with Delete & Sync Device method shown above. 

1. Time when the device went out of sync. 

2. How often the issue occurs.  

3. Issue replication procedure. 

4. System log during the issue (C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs)