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XPD2-GKDB (Regarding the product information, please click here.)

Customer Inquiry

Can I use Card Only or PIN Only mode with XPass D2?

Can I access a door with PIN only mode of XPass D2?


Answer is no, but there is alternative way.  You can use a virtual card number of user information and enter the virtual card number through keypad of XPass D2.

For more details, please read this article.

Term Definition

  • PIN of Physical Access Control

What is PIN in general Physical Access Control market?  In physical access control market, it's Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a user can access with PIN code only.

  • PIN of BioStar2 SW

BioStar2 SW doesn't have PIN concept like above explanation and it's password for user identification. 

A use can't use the PIN only of BioStar2 SW only without entering a User ID, placing a card, and placing a finger.

Many customer would like to use password only and try to enter a door. 

Alternative Solution

Instead of using PIN of BioStar2 User information, you can add virtual card number manually.


This feature works only with MSB card format if you are using LSB for CSN card reading, you will need to convert the number.

1) Physical wiring

Prepare CoreStation or the Gen2 devices as RS485 Master device. 

Connect XPD2-GKDB through RS485 port of RS485 Master device.

The compatible device list of XPass D2 is as follows.

2) User Configuration & Device Configuration

2-1) Go to User and click [Add new user] > Go Credential > Click [+Card]

2-2) Click Registration option: Enter Manually to register a virtual card number instead of physical card.

2-3) Click [Enroll] to save the card number.

2-4) Click [Apply] to apply the user information to BioStar2 SW.

2-3) Go to Device and click D2.

2-4) Click Authentication and enable the option [Input Card ID from keypad].