These features below have been introduced with BioStar 2.6

Deleting AC Event Log Automatically

You can configure in the following menu: 

Settings > Server > AC event log storage duration

The log in the AC database's T_LGYYYYMM will be deleted based on your configuration date. 

If the table becomes unnecessary based on your log storage duration configuration, the entire T_LGYYYYMM will be deleted. 

The deleted events are based on UTC+0. 

Note: The logs that were synced with the T&A DB will remain even after the logs in the AC database are deleted. 

Hence this feature only supports the AC event log table and does not affect the T&A database.

Deleting AC System Log Automatically

You can configure in the following menu:
Settings > Server > System Log Level Settings

The log will delete at 00:00 every day based on your server computer time. 

Your server will have to be running to perform this action. 

Only the biostar_YYYY_MM_DD.log files will be deleted in C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs