Can't find the relevant log event even though a user authenticated with access granted sound.

Voice of Customer

There is missing log. But, we do not know the cause. Some logs are stored into the DB.

I can't confirm the log event into the device menu because of the device doesn't have LCD to see the log menu.


The problem could be occurred by invalid time of RTC battery. The log is recorded with the invalid date and time.

How to analyze

Upload all logs and then, check if there is 2001-01-01 00:00:00 between past date and current date. 

- Do not select the period of the log menu when you check the issue.

How to resolve

1) Enable [Server] mode and set [time sync with server] option.

2) Confirm if the problem persists whenever you restart the device. See if the time is kept after that. If the problem occurs, replace the device to new device.