NOTE: The BioStar 2 Local API Server/BioStar 2 Web API are discontinued, this article is for reference only. For new developments please use the BioStar 2 API (version 2.9.x and later). 

The cause of this error is so varied that it is difficult to list everything. 

But in many cases, it happens in the following situations.

1. When the API and BioStar version do not match

ex) BioStar 2.6.4 / BioStar 2 API 2.6.0

Solution: Re-install with compatible BioStar 2 and BioStar 2 API

2. When the generated API domain information is inconsistent

-> Local API information is different from Cloud API information. Please note.

Solution: If you can not remember the registered Local API information, please re-register it at 

3. When Protocal (http or https) or IP address is different when registering API

Solution: Register a new Local API for the changed Protocal or IP address -

If the issuer persists after checking above, please contact TS team with information below.

i) BioStar / API version

ii) API login body

iii) API server logs(C:\Program Files\BioStar 2 API Server(x64)\logs)