** This document has been created by Tim Lee who is BioStar Product Manager.

Dear Valued Partners,


BioStar 2 2.7v is released with notable new features and bug fixes. Specially, this version is starting to support many long-waited new features along with official FW updates.

Please check the below and use 2.7v not only to make the customers not benefit new features, but to be free from the known issues. 


Important Note:

From 2.7v, BioStar 2 supports the max 2048 access groups /access levels and the  advanced smart card settingsfor Mifare  Desfire / EV1 with AES encryption method. 

But, this support should be backed up only with the latest FWs of 2nd gen devices. 

(1st gen devices came to no longer support the latest feature updates due to their memory limit.)


However, due to the FW release delay, some of device FWs that are for FS2, BS2, and N2 are NOT included in the FW package, 

and will be released later from Suprema  homepage. (Expected to be ready by Dec 21).


If you have the customers who are waiting for these devices’ FW to use more than 128 access groups / levels. 

Please wait until that time, or contact us to deploy the beta version.  



Update & Changes in 2.7v


Major New Features  in AC

1.1. Support to Graphic Map from monitoring. (AC Advanced license or above required*) 

1.2. Increased access groups/access  levels up to 2048. (The 2nd gen devices & latest FWs are  required*)

-> Max AG : 2048 (Increased)

-> Max AL : 2048 (Increased)

-> Max AL per AG : 128

-> Max Door per AL : 128

-> Max AG per User : 16

1.3. Advanced Desfire / EV1 smart  card support with AES encryption method

1.4.  Showing the user data status overview from manager users in device 

Major New Features  in TA

1.1. Floating shift (shift is automatically assigned according to their punch time. T&A SE license is required*)

1.2. Select Weekend days 

1.3. Fixed break/meal time 

1.4. T&A Custom Admin settings according  to the custom admin user group/device group.

Bug Fixes


2.1. If a user connects to BioStar 2 after specifying the hostname in the Windows, the user cannot access  the T&A menu.


2.2. Unable to add a Wigand device to BioEntry W2.


2.3. Users can access a higher level of Web Server Home in the web server.


2.4. If you set Leave to start or end date of Daylight Saving Time, the incorrect time is displayed.


2.5. Change the <Punch in Time Limit> setting of Flexible Shift to operate based on the setting of <Day  start time>.


2.6. Users who have special characters (-,  _) in the ID cannot be selected in the T&A report.


2.7. If you change the server port value for the cloud and then restore the value before the change, a user cannot

enter the Time Attendance menu.


2.8. Department information does not display from root when exporting the T&A report to CSV format.


2.9. The APB database management table is reset periodically, regardless of the Reset Time setting in the global 

APB zone.


2.10. In an environment that uses an MS SQL Server database, the modified date format setting is not normally

applied to Audit Trail menu.


2.11. When a user upgrades the version of BioStar 2, the number of user access groups is displayed differently

than the existing settings.


*Please check the 2.7v SW revision notes from the below link. There are many more items 


 Revision note link

How to Upgrade

- Direct upgrade is supported from 2.5v or higher.
  For more details, please check the below link. 

  biostar2 update procedures


- Please make sure to make DB backup before upgrade, in order to avoid any  possible data loss. 

  Database  Backup and Restore Instructions



 Download Links 


Suprema Hompage Download Page


Additional Note: 

The next version (2.7.1v) is scheduled to be released in the midst Jan 2019 with new major feature  updates. 


BioStar 2 is going to be released more frequently, in order to reflect market feedback and spread the benefit of new features more rapidly. 

Please try to use the latest version of BioStar 2.