** This document has been created by Tim Lee who is BioStar Product Manager.

Dear Valued Partners,


BioStar 2 2.7.1v was released with new features and improvements. Please check the below and keep to use the latest version of BioStar  2. 


New Features &  Improvements

1.1 Auto sync user data enrolled/edited from the devices 

(Go to the KB article for more details)

1.2. Multi user delete from the devices from the user menu 

*This is for the case of not using user auto sync.

1.3. Support  to Input(Event Name Change) of Trigger & Action in the device advanced  setting. 

(Go to the KB article for more details)


1.4. Java version update 

- Before: 1.8.0_161 

- After: 1.8.0_191 2.5. 

1.5 Provides the log about whether a user has been updated from the device or the server. 

1.6. Root password verification procedures during installation and upgrade. 


1.7 Support to the OM-120 Relay time setting value from 1 second


Bug Fixes


2.1. Fixed a security vulnerability: Cross Site Scripting. 

2.2. The row setting changes when the page is refreshed after setting the number of rows in the monitoring menu. 

2.3. The log does not display normally when a user moves the page back and forth after setting the event log filter in the Monitoring menu. 

Important Notes


BioStar 2 supports direct upgrade from the 2.5v to the latest version. 

If your BioStar 2 version is 2.5v or higher, you can just download the latest version and conduct an upgrade. 

Please make sure to make DB back before  upgrade, in order to avoid any possible data loss. 

Also, please use the latest FW versions as well. The device related new features can be supported with the FW upgrade. 

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