** This document has been created by Tim Lee who is BioStar Product Manager.

BioStar 2 2.7.2v Release 


Dear Valued Partners, 

BioStar 2 2.7.2v was released with notable improvements. 


Update & Changes in 2.7.2v 


New Features and  Improvements 



1.1 Add the Security menu. 

- Change Password Level options. 

- Support to the setting for Maximum Password Age. 

- Support to the setting for Maximum Password Change Limit. 

- Support to the setting options for password failures at login. 


1.2. Support to Live Video View on Graphic  Map. 

1.3  Support to viewing Anti-passback Zone and Fire  Alarm Zone on Graphic Map. 

1.4  Support to the storage path settings for image logs and auto saving without viewing or checking logs from the monitoring.  

Bug Fixes


2.1. If more than 16 cameras are added to the server, the camera screen is not output. 

2.2 In an environment that uses an MSSQL Server database, the server restarts when an administrator adds more than one signal input event to the trigger & action of the device. 


2.3 The HTML tag is displayed in the daylight saving time settings page. 

2.4 Once an image file set with a graphics map is deleted, the graphics map image cannot be modified. 



- Upgrade needs to be made carefully  following the below link. 

  biostar2  update procedures


- Please make sure to make DB backup before upgrade, in order to avoid any  possible data loss. 

   Database  Backup and Restore Instructions



Download Links 


Technical  Resources



Additional Note: 

The next version (2.7.3v) is scheduled to be released in the midst Feb 2019 with notable bug fixes and improvements.