** This document has been created by Tim Lee who is BioStar Product Manager.

Dear Valued partners, 

Suprema device manager app was released and now available from both Android google play and iOS app store. 


Device Manager App

Suprema device manager app enables rapid and easy device configuration through direct BLE communication with Suprema XPass D2 device or XPass 2 device.

When a multiple number of XPass D2 devices or XPass 2 devices are used with 3rd party controllers, the device manager app can support fast device configuration through its template management feature. It helps to reduce overall installation time substantially.

What can be configured?
- RS485 address & baudrate
- Wiegand output format
- LED & Buzzer
- Smart card key
- PIN input mode
- FW upgrade

Compatible product:
- Suprema XPass D2 (D2-MDB, D2-GDB, D2-GKDB) with FW version 1.1.0 or above

- Suprema XPass 2 (MDB, GDB, GKDB) with FW version 1.1.0 or above

How to start

Please check the below link for more detailed information.  Step-by-step guide will help you understand on its usage. 


We will welcome your feedback and improvement request. 

Please contact us.