EM4100 format of the data is as follows. Total Card Serial Number is 40 bits.

First 8 bits are 8 bit version number or customer ID and last 32 bits are data bits.

[EM4100 Data Format]

[Reference Page: http://www.priority1design.com.au/em4100_protocol.html]

There are various methods to indicate EM card and there is not a standard to indicate EM card.

Method 1.) Indicate Full Card Serial Number information without distinguishing 8 bit customer ID and 32 data bits

ex) 322126887957

00100101 100000000 01000010 00111100 00010101

Method 2.) Indicate only 32 Data Bits part from full Card Serial Number information

The Data Bits are shown on the surface of the card. Or, it can be not printed on the surface of the card if a customer doesn't want to print on the card.

ex) 4340757

100000000 01000010 00111100 00010101

Method 3.) Indicate each information for Customer ID/8 bit version number and 32 Data Bits

ex) 75 - 4340757

00100101 - 100000000 01000010 00111100 00010101

The first 8 bits doesn't indicate on the card surface and it is hidden into the card. We call it a facility code. 

The advantage of the facility code is isolation from other systems that might has a similar range of Badge ids. 

The facility will one or more facility codes on their cards helping to distinguish them from the other sites.


Site 1)  Fac 75; Badge id 4340757

Site 2)  Fac 60; Badge id 4340757

Suprema 2nd generation devices indicate using the method 1.

If your system just needs to detect 32 data bits like method 2, please refer the below configuration.

1) Login Biostar2 and then, go to Settings > CARD FORMAT > Wiegand and click a pencil from one of Wiegand ID list.

2) Set Total Bits and ID field as follows to detect 32 data bits.

3) Click [Device] of BioStar2 menu list and then, go to Authentication>CSN Card Format

4) Enable Format type with Wiegand and the modified Wiegand Format 

5) Click [Apply] to store the configuration