When you construct BioStar 2 with 1st generation entry level devices and 2nd generation devices together, you can meet a sync error issue and cannot operate the system correctly.

As you know, 1st generation entry level devices and 2nd generation devices have different capacity in number of users, access group, access level, floor level and other features.

<1st generation entry level devices>

BioLite Net
BioEntry W
BioEntry Plus
Xpass S2
Device Image
Max Access Group128128128128128
Max Access Level128128128128128
Max Access Level
per Access Group
Max Door per Access Level128128128128128
Max Door per Device3232323232
Max Access Group per User1616161616
Max Floor Group128128128128128
Max Floor LevelNot SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported128128
Max User (1:1)5,0005,0005,00040,00050,000
Max User (1:N)5,0005,0005,00040,000



Note: BioEntry Plus, BioLiteNet, and BioEntry W does not support floor level

<2nd generation devices>

BioEntry W2BioStation L2BioStation A2BioStation 2FaceStation 2BioEntry P2CoreStationBioLite N2
Device Image
Max Access Group20482048204820482048204820482048
Max Access Level20482048204820482048204820482048
Max Access Level
per Access Group
Max Door
per Access Level
Max Door per Device3232323232323232
Max Access Group
per User
Max Floor Group20482048204820482048204820482048
Max Floor Level20482048204820482048204820482048
Max User (1:1)500,000500,000500,000500,00030,00010,000500,00010,000
Max User (1:N)100,000100,000100,00020,0003,00010,000100,00010,000

FaceLiteXPass 2

Max Access Group20482048
Max Access Level20482048
Max Access Level
per Access Group
MAx Door
per Access Level
Max Door per Device3232
Max Access Group per User1616
Max Floor
Max Floor
Max User
Max User

Note: From BioStar 2 v2.7.3, max access group, max access level, max floor group, and max floor level support up to 2048.

If you enroll and create more than maximum number of entry level devices’ capacity, BioStar 2 cannot get in sync with entry level devices because the current setting exceeds the ability of device.

In this case, you have two options to resolve the issue.

Option 1. Reduce current usage of users, access group, access level, floor level as your entry level devices’ limitation.

Option 2. Replace all your current 1st generation entry level devices to 2nd generation devices to keep your maximum usage.

To get to know your device type, refer the article:

[Both BioStar] 1st Generation Device / 2nd Generation Device / Entry Level Device