Since SDK v2.6.0, the DST feature is supported, and the BS2Event.image contains isDST bit, meaning 'is DST configured' or not.

Basically, the log is recorded by UTC, not device time. However, if a device is configured to support DST, then the log is shown with an extra flag; isDST. So, the application or BioStar 2 can calculate time with DST and show it to the user.

For instance, if you run a sample code with isDST 'true,' then the image parameter shows 74; in binary value 0100 1010.

If isDST is set in 'false' and you run a sample code, then the image parameter shows 72; in binary value 0100 10is 00.

If you need more information to set the device DST information, please refer to 'BS2_SetDstConfig' API and the 'BS2DstConfig' structure from the below documents.


BS2DstConfig structure>