Since SDK v2.6.0, DST feature is supported and BS2Event.image contains isDST bit; meaning 'is DST configured' or not.

Basically, the log is recorded by UTC, not a device time.

If a device is configured to support DST, however, then the log is shown with extra flag; isDST.

So, the application or BioStar 2 can calculate time with DST and show it to user.

For instance, if you run a sample code with isDST 'true', then image parameter shows 74; in binary value 0100 1010.

If isDST set in 'false' and run a sample code, then image parameter shows 72; in binary value 0100 1000.

If you need more information to set the device DST information, please refer 'BS2_SetDstConfig' API and 'BS2DstConfig' structure from below documents.

BS2_SetDstConfig >

BS2DstConfig structure >