In before version of BioStar 2, if you set up to receive for alarm mail, then you will receive the alarm mail with the value of "Datetime" is shown that UTC+0.

The "Datetime" in alarm mail has the value 'event log time' that uses it as it is. So, it has shown that UTC+0.

  •  How to configure alarm mail?  BioStar 2 > Setting ? TRIGGER & ACTION > select event > setting email alarm

* For more detail mail alarm setting configuration, please refer to the article below.


For BioStar 2.7.6, in alarm mail shows "Datetime" such as below.

DatetimeThe device UTC time when occur event.
Device DatetimeThe time which is device screen display. It applys timezone and DST.
Server DatetimeServer local time.
eventThe event which selected when setting receive alarm mail.
device idThe device id which occurs event.
device nameThe device information which occurs event. (such as device model, device id, IP.)

* In case of the device applied DST FW, in the alarm mail shows "Device Datetime".