When use BioStar 2 API Server, there are some limitation function. We are going to guide three typical constraints.

1. TNA key event
BioStar 2 API Server does not show the value of TNA key event.
- Where is TNA key confim in BioStar 2?
MONITORING > Event Log & Real-time Log - TNA key

2. Custom field of user information
Even if you set up custom field, BioStar 2 API Server does not show the value.
- How can I set the custom field of user information?
Setting > Server > User/Device Management - Custom User Field

3. Image log of Log
Even if you can confirm image log in BioStar 2, current version of BioStar 2 API Server does not support image log.
- Where is image log confirm in BioStar 2?
MONITORING > Real-time Log - View

There are many other limited features that are not available in the API.

New BioStar 2 API Server which is going to released on August - 2019 is support above features. Thank you for your interest and use.