From BioStar 2.7.4, we support Quick Enrollment for FaceStation 2.

  • Quick Enrollment?

The user can register face with only one step, not the default procedure of 3 steps.

When you set this option to 'Enabled', the face registration procedure is set to 1 step.

If you set the option to 'Disabled', it is set to 3 steps. To register high-quality face templates, disable Quick Enrollment.

  • Default face register procedure
  1. Registering the front face (Quick Enrollment only use this step)
  2. Moving the face up and down
  3. Moving the face to the left and right


  • Quick Enrollment is available only for FaceStation 2 and FaceLite.
  • FaceStation 2 FW which is supported 'Quick Enrollment' will release at end of July.