BioStar 2 2.7.3v Release 


Dear Valued Partners, 

BioStar 2 2.7.3v was released with notable improvements. 


Update & Changes in 2.7.3v 


New Features and  Improvements 

1. Increase the number of administrators that can be added per device.

- Before: 10

- After: up to 1,000 (depends on the firmware version of the device, the firmware will be released by August-2019)

2. Change the way new settings are applied when adding administrators using batch edit of devices.

- Before: Overwrite a new setting to existing settings.

- After: Add a new setting to existing settings.

3. Improved that the device will be normally connected when you reconnect the device even when it is configured as a port forwarding.

Bug Fix

1. When creating an Access Group, the setting is not applied properly if you add the same user to the User Group and User at the same time.

2. If an administrator edits the settings of the device on the server, Server Private Msg option on that device will always change to disabled.

3. The T&A function does not work properly if you upgrade from version 2.7.0 or earlier to 2.7.2.


- Upgrade needs to be made carefully  following the below link. 

  biostar2  update procedures


- Please make sure to make DB backup before upgrade, in order to avoid any  possible data loss. 

   Database  Backup and Restore Instructions



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