** This document has been created by Tim Lee who is BioStar Product Manager.

Dear Valued partners & customers, 

We have released BioStar 2 2.7.4 version. 

Please check the below link for the SW download and its revision note.  


We recommend to use the latest BioStar 2 version in order to avoid any possible known issues and benefit from the latest updates. 

The next version, 2.7.5 version, will be released by the midst of April with major feature updates of Active Directory User Sync & BioStar 1.x user & log migration support. 


If you have any questions, please drop your comments.


- Upgrade needs to be made carefully  following the below link. 

  biostar2  update procedures


- Please make sure to make DB backup before upgrade, in order to avoid any  possible data loss. 

   Database  Backup and Restore Instructions



Download Links 


Technical  Resources