* This document has been created by YJ Jung who is a technical support engineer in Suprema TS.

Dear Partners, 

BioStar v2.7.6 is going to be impressive for many customers with many bug fixes and features, especially those who are waiting for moving from BioStar 1 to BioStar 2. 

Migration tool for converting from BioStar 1 to 2 is finally available with this new version. 

Now, BioStar 1 customers can easily convert users and event logs into BioStar 2 DB using the migration tool.

You can find the tool under BioStar 2_Installed_folder\biostar-migration(eq. C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\biostar-migration). Please refer to the attached guidance. 



In BioStar 2.7.6, you must back up BioStar2_Installed_folder/util/enckey with database unless you are not able to use backup database. 

Please be sure to keep this in mind.

New Features and Improvements

1. Support to the Clear APB for each user.

2. Add BioStar 1.x to BioStar 2.x Migration Tool.

- Supports the use of user and event logs from BioStar 1.x in BioStar 2.

3. Add the event items to IMAGE LOG menu.

4. Add the encryption option to Active Directory

5. Improve that the administrator can change the port 9000 in FastCGI of Port menu.

6. Improve that the time of events is displayed as the time zone, device time, and server time on the alarm email.

See more features and bug fixes at the attached revision note.

You can download the new version installation file at the link below.  

Technical  Resources 


BioStar 2.7.6 Revision notes

Migration tool guidance