NOTE: The BioStar 2 Local API Server/BioStar 2 Web API are discontinued, this article is for reference only. For new developments please use the BioStar 2 API (version 2.9.x and later). 

When you inquire '[POST] monitoring/event_log/search' among BioStar 2 API, you are going to input event type.

If you enter the event type related to the door among the possible event types to query the corresponding API, you can see that the information related to the door is displayed as blank in the result part.

It is analyzed that this issue occurs because the function of the door list changed in the API server is not used.

This issue is resolved by overwriting the attachment(File name: monitoring.js) at the bottom with the path below.

  • Path: C:\Program Files\BioStar 2 API Server(x64)\dist\apps\server\models\


  • Please, backup the original 'monitoring.js' file before the overwriting process.
  • Although you overwrite the file, if the issue persists, please contact to TS team.