From BioStar v2.7.7, BioStar2 supports Visitor Management.  (Link : BioStar v2.7.7 new Features)

(Required License - Visitor License of BioStar2)

If you do not make Visitor Configuration, please visit [BioStar 2] How To Configure Visitor Management.

Once you configure all necessary parts of Visitor Configuration of BioStar2, you can create a short cut and make a self-registration PC to register Visitors Information by themselves.

1. Preparation for Self-Registration PC

1-1. Prepare a PC to use Self-registration of Visitor

- Notification: The self-registration page is for pre-registration of Visitor and Visitor can register a fingerprint if the device is available.  Without registering fingerprints, the registration process can be completed with entering Visitor information only.

1-2. Login BioStar2 (Administrator Level Required) > Settings> Visitor> Visit Application Page

1-3 Drag the link and drop on the PC

 1-4.Confirm the short-cut 

 1-5. Go to Settings>Visitor>Visit PC Select> Select [Visit PC Name] and click [Apply]


1-6. Click the short-cut

1-7. Go 1-5 if you have the below popup [Process 'visit PC select' from [Setting]-[Visitor] after log in.