By unknown reason, BioStar2 Server can't activate SW License Key without any error. 

To analyze the issue, Suprema TS team should have the debugging log of the license file. 

1) Debugging log of the license progress
1-1) Go to System
1-2) Click on [Advanced System Settings]

1-3) Click on [Advanced] and click on [Environment Variables]

1-4) Click on [New] of User Variables
1-5) Enter the Variable name and Variable value as follows
Variable name:    RLM_DIAGNOSTICS 
Variable value:  diag.out

1-6) Click on [OK] to save the information
1-7) Restart BioStar2 services
1-8) Try to activate the license key again
1-9) Send the file diag.out from C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)

2) BioStar2 System Log
Provide all log files in C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs