Depends on firmware version & hardware version of Suprema Products, you can use one feature of those Mobile solutions as user credential. The point is that a device can NOT have two type different mobile solution. 

Regarding Suprema Mobile Credential, the current supported device is only XPass 2 and it doesn't support BioStar2 Mobile Card. 

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- The relevant article: [BioStar 2] Difference Between BioStar 2 Mobile Card and Suprema Mobile Credential


BioStar 2 Mobile Card is a feature of BioStar2 Mobile App. It's registered to Google Play Store/Apple Store to download it on a mobile. It’s available to access a door without placing an actual card on a device. 

[Biostar 2 Mobile App - Google Play  or App Store]

The BioStar 2 mobile card can store general user information and access rights as well as biometric information on the smartphone. You can use both the Access on Card1)and the Secure Credential Card2) with the BioStar 2 mobile card. (For more details : Click the link)

1) Access on Card: Allows you to save user information (Card ID, PIN, Access Group, and fingerprint templates) on the card. 2) Secure Credential Card: Allows you to save user information (Custom card ID, PIN, and fingerprint templates) on the card.

In order to use BioStar 2 Mobile App, it is required to make your local BioStar 2 server connected to the Internet and register your BioStar 2 server to BioStar 2 Cloud. Then, the local server can have an unique sub-domain which becomes an unique ID for your local server, and users can access to the local server with this unique sub-domain name.  

[BioStar2 Mobile Card& Operation Flow]


Suprema Mobile Credential is the name of a mobile credential app, which works for mobile ID access through a direct communication with the designated devices. It's a new feature and new solution of Suprema Products. The compatible firmware upgrade is required and W2/D2 device should be improved to have enhanced NFC and added BLE onto the hardware.  (For more details, click the link.)

Currently, the only device that supports the Suprema Mobile Credential is the XPass 2, but definitely it needs to be supported  from all 2nd generation Suprema devices. The support plan will be done step by step.

[Suprema Mobile Credential App & Suprema Mobile Credential Card]

[Suprema Mobile Credential - Operation Flow]