Sometimes you will meet a challenge to move your BioStar 2 server from one PC to another PC due to various reasons;

  • the original BioStar 2 server PC is broken
  • the original BioStar 2 server PC needs an OS upgrade
  • office moves from one to another site and cannot bring the server
  • etc

 In this article, we would like to show you a step-by-step guide for the users who installed BioStar 2 and DB separately and would like to move ONLY BioStar 2 to another PC and keep the original DB.

 If you follow the steps below, then you will be able to access the BioStar 2 with the same admin ID and password from the original installation.


  • If you used BioStar 2 licenses in the original PC and change the hardware of BioStar 2 PC, then the license will be invalid due to BioStar 2 license checks the MAC address of the PC.
  • Please contact our sales representatives to initialize your license for further usage.

<Precondition for the following sample>

  • BioStar 2 and database are installed on two different PCs.
  • BioStar 2 installed PC needs to be changed due to some reason.
  • The user would like to keep the running database for further usage.

<Step by step process for moving BioStar 2>

Step 1. Please back up your database in the <PC 3>. You can review the articles from the link below.

Step 2. Please make sure that you backed up 'enckey', 'setting.conf', and 'system.conf' from <PC 1>.

  • File location : C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)

Step 3. Please download and install the same BioStar 2 version on <PC 2>.

  • Notice: choose 'Express Installation' when you install the new BioStar.

Step 4. Please stop all BioStar services on <PC 2>.

Step 5. Please restore 'enckey', 'setting.conf', and 'system.conf' files in <PC 2>.

  • The files should be ones that you backed up from <PC 1> in Step 2.

Step 6-1. If the <PC 1> and <PC 2> IPs are different, please open the 'setting.conf' file in the text editor with admin privilege.

Step 6-2. Please check the <PC 2> IP and edit "ssl_addr" : "(BioStar 2 PC IP)" to the new IP.

Step 7. Please open 'BioStar Setting' and check it has your 'DB Type', 'Host', 'Port', and DB configurations correctly.

  • Information should be the same as the database in <PC 3>.
  • Make sure that <PC 2> and the database are connected correctly.

Step 8. Please start BioStar 2 services from <PC 2> and check the operation.

** Please contact Suprema Tech Support Team if you meet any issues after moving the BioStar 2 server.