This is the troubleshooting guide of Suprema Mobile Access. When you meet the 'In Use' message during registering the device on the Airfob Pass app, please refer to the article below.

Possibilities of the Status 'In Use'

  1. Users remain in the device.
  2. The device did not restore to default.
  3. The device is connected to BioStar 2 server.

Steps for Troubleshooting

Step 1. No user should remain on the device. However, if the 'Automatic User Synchronization option' is configured, users could remain on the device.

  • Select 'Not Used' at BioStar 2 > Settings > Server > User/Device Management > Automatic User Synchronization.
  • Click your device from BioStar 2 > Device > Device List and right-click the device you would like to clear users.
  • Click 'Manage Users in Device' and delete ALL USERS.

Step 2. Restore the device to default through BioStar 2 or the 'Suprema Device Manager' application.

  • Restore from BioStar 2: Go to your device and click 'Restore to default'.

  • Restore through the app: Get into the Suprema Device Manager app and follow 'Network Setting > Log in > Choose your device > Settings > Restore to Default'.

Step 3. Delete the device from the device list or disconnect the LAN cable from the device.

Further Troubleshooting

  If you still meet the same issue after following the upper procedure, please contact the Suprema Tech Support team.