This is the troubleshooting guide of Suprema Mobile Access. When you meet 'In Use' message during registering the device on Airfob Pass app, please refer the article below.

<Possibilities of the Status 'In Use'>

  1. Users remain in the device.
  2. The device did not restore to default.
  3. The device is connected with BioStar 2 server.

<Steps for Troubleshooting>

Step 1. No user should remain on the device. However, if the 'Automatic User Synchronization option' is configured, users could remain on the device.

  • Select 'Not Used' at BioStar 2 > Settings > Server > User/Device Management > Automatic User Synchronization.
  • Click your device from BioStar 2 > Device > Device List and right click the device you would like to clear users.
  • Click 'Manage Users in Device' and delete ALL USERS.

Step 2. Restore the device to default through BioStar 2 or 'Suprema Device Manager' application.

  • Restore from BioStar 2 : Go to your device and click 'Restore to default'.

  • Restore through app : Get in to the Suprema Device Manager app and follow 'Network Setting > Log in > Choose your device > Settings > Restore to Default'.

Step 3. Delete the device from the device list or disconnect LAN cable from the device.

<Further Troubleshooting>

  If you still meet a same issue after following the upper procedure, please contact Suprema Tech Support team.