The author of the article is Krista Kim who is in charge of CoreStation Sales.


We would like to guide you how we can replace the site where 3rd party controller and RFID readers are installed by Wiegand cable with Suprema CoreStation controller, BER2 and/or XPD2. 


1. Check Wiegand cable 


 1.1 Wiegand cable should be Shielded twisted 2 pair cable. In order to connect RS485+, RS485- and GND to the Wiegand cable, the cable should be 2 pair cable or more. 

1.2 If the cable length is not long enough to connect BER2 or XPD2 with CoreStation, you can add cable as below. Note that the cable should be shielded twisted pair cable.

** Sample cable 

  • AWG 24 Belden 9504 Shielded Twisted Pair Cable 
  • AWG 24 Alpha 5472C Shielded Twisted Pair Cable 



2. Install terminating resistance 


2.1 In case that the Wiegand cable characteristic impedance is 120ohm, switch ON terminating resistance of CoreStation and install 120ohm terminating resistance to reader.


** Please check cable characteristic impedance with the cable company 

2.2 In case that the Wiegand cable characteristic impedance is not 120ohm, switch OFF terminating resistance of CoreStation. It is required to install terminating resistance to both CoreStation and reader. 

3. The max. quantity of BER2 or XPD2 that can connect to CoreStation 



- (1:1) 5ea readers can connect to CoreStation 

- (1:2) 10ea readers can connect to CoreStation 

Ex e-2.

** Please note that terminating resistance must be installed to reader and switch off terminating resistance of CoreStation for daisy chain configuration.