1. Airfob Branding Change

The name of Suprema Mobile Credential will be changed to Suprema Mobile Access. 

Both Suprema Mobile Credential and Suprema Mobile Access reference the same service. 


Since 27-April-2020, Suprema will update the name of the mobile app to Airfob Pass and update the name of the portal from Mobile Credential Portal to Airfob Portal with addition of new features.

Up to 26-April-2020From 27-April-2020
Service NameSuprema Mobile CredentialSuprema Mobile Access
PortalSuprema Mobile Credential PortalAirfob Portal
Mobile AppSuprema Mobile CredentialAirfob Pass
Mobile App Icon

Details I:

Details II:

Details III:

2. Improved Card ID Encryption


Card ID’s issued from the new Airfob Portal (from 27-April-2020) will include enhanced encryption and will require firmware of XPass2 to be upgraded to function properly. 

Please upgrade XPass2 firmware to v1.2.0_20200409 before issuing cards from the new Airfob Portal.

Compatible chart: 

Where Mobile Access was createdSuprema Mobile Credential PortalAirfob Portal 
Version of XPass 2 FWv1.0.1_20190625v1.1.0_20190911v1.2.0_20200409v1.0.1_20190625v1.1.0_20190911v1.2.0_20200409
Mobile Access Support Not supportedSupported with previous encryption methodSupported with previous encryption methodNot SupportedNot Supported
(FW upgrade is required)
Supported with enhanced encryption method

FW 1.2.0_20200409 download link for XPass 2 :

Click here.

3.  New Features

3-1. Dynamic Card Support

Dynamic Cards will now be supported besides Regular Cards. With Dynamic Cards, you are able to control and monitor the status of the cards (ie. BEFORE ACTIVATION, ACTIVATED, DELETED, PAUSING, PAUSED, EXPIRING, EXPIRED)



Regular Card has no interaction with the cloud after the card is issued and will function until the card is removed from BioStar database. The card will remain on the users smartphone for good. Regular card credits also contains maintenance credits that can be used to re-issue in case user loses or replaces a phone. The credit is charged with every card issued.


Dynamic Card is different in that there is continuous communication with the cloud. Every time a card is placed on the device, ID is verified on the cloud real-time. This offers better control/management of the cards where you can revoke, suspend, put expiration dates and more.

Dynamic Card licensing model is also different in that it is charge based on per-reader, per-month use, rather than per-card issued. So, with the Dynamic cards, you can issue unlimited number of cards to work with ‘x’ number of readers for ‘y’ number of months based on the subscription.

3-2. Custom Card Design Support (for Dynamic Card only)

From Airfob Portal which will be released on 27-April-2020, you can design your own cards for Dynamic cards.. User can add/modify various fields for users on the card.


3-3. Multi Card Support

User can possess multi-cards on one single Airfob pass from more than one Workplace.



What happens to the existing customer?

No affect on the existing license and functionalities. Only UI changes.

What happens to the URL address?

: the previous https://mc.suprema.io will just redirect to the new portal address,  https://mc.mocainc.com

What happens to the existing BioStar 2 integration & API Calls?

: Existing customers can use the same settings & API URLs. No changes are needed.

Can a regular card use the custom card? 

: Not currently. We will add this feature later.

Would muti card work for regular cards?

: Yes, multi card is supported regardless of regular or dynamic.