Due to the discontinued BioStar 1, Suprema recommends migration to BioStar 2 for customers who are using BioStar 1.

BioStar 1.x support discontinuance notice

In order to migrate BioStar 2, we share the file that compares the available features in the server between BioStar 1 and the latest version of BioStar 2.

BioStar 1.93vBioStar 2.8v
UserMax. Card per User18
Max. Fingerprint per User ProductDependent10
Max. Face Pose per User Product
Auto User Sync to DeviceNoYes
Custom Level AdminYesYes
Template On Card (BioStar 1)
Access on Card (BioStar 2)
Longtime Inactivate User StatusNoYes
Custom FieldYesYes
Personal MessageYesNo
User ID Auto IncrementalYesYes
User ID EditYesNo
User ID AlphanumericNoYes
(Dependent per User Product)
Access GroupMax. of Access LevelN/A128 (1st generation devices)
2,048 (2nd generation devices)
Max. of Access Group32128 (1st generation devices)
2,048 (2nd generation devices)
Max. of Access Group per User416
Max. Door per Access Level
Auto Sync to DeviceNoYes
Access Group Report by Door/User/ElevatorNoYes
ZoneMax. of Zone26100
Max. of Device per Zone641,000 (Global)
32 (Local)
Antipass Back ZoneYesYes
Fire Alarm ZoneYesYes
Entrance Limit ZoneYesNo
Interlock ZoneYesYes
(with CoreStation)
Muster ZoneYesYes (Global zone only)
Alarm Zone (BioStar 1)
Intrusion Alarm Zone (BioStar 2)
YesYes (Local zone only)
Access ZoneYesNot Necessary
Scheduled Lock/Unlock ZoneDoor BasedZone Based
AC AdvancedDashboard
Audit TrailYesYes
Device Embedded ServerBioStar Lite
(Dependent per User Product)
Server MatchingYes (Card, Finger)
Yes (Card, Finger)
Visual Map (BioStar 1)
Graphic Map (BioStar 2)
VideoYes (Limited Support)Yes (NVR)
Visitor ManagementNoYes
Lift Management (BioStar 1)
Elevator (BioStar 2)
BioStar VideophoneYesDevice' VoIP
Local API ServerNoYes
BioStar 2 Mobile App (User, Door, Monitoring, Alarm)NoYes
Suprema Mobile AccessNoYes
Active DirectoryNoYes