Author: Krista Kim, Sales Manager I Suprema Europe 

Suprema fingerprint slave BioEntry R2(BER2) can be used with 3rd Party ACU by RS485(OSDP) on 1:1 mode

1:1 Mode means that a user should place a card and then, place a finger once the 3rd party ACU requests to scan a finger for the user information.

How it works is as follows.

- ACU holds the user information.



1.The template type (Suprema template or ANSI template) should be supported in 3rd party S/W and configure the template type of 3rd party S/W and 3rd party ACU in advance.

2.Suprema Fingerprint Enrollment device or 3rd party Fingerprint Enrollment device should be integrated with 3rd Party S/W.  

i.e. ANSI template of Morpho MSO 300/350 in Lenel OnGuard Enterprise is compatible with the ANSI template of BioEntry R2.

① Card Input on BER2

② ACU sends template to BER2 for the card user's fingerprint

③ Finger Input & Matching by BER2 -> Sending Matching Result(Pass or Fail) to ACU 

    (**BER2 has Fingerprint Matcher and it is capable of doing an OSDP_BioMatch)

 ④ If the result is passed, ACU opens the door. If not, it doesn’t open the door. 


1. How to use with ANSI Template 

  1. The ACU should enroll ANSI template and store the user’s template information in the ACU’s memory by its software.
  2. You are required to use Suprema enrollment device (Ex. BioMni Plus2) to enroll template. Because BER2 is capable of doing matches with ANSI templates that are under 384 bytes so the best way is to use Suprema enrollment device. If the ACU holds over 384 bytes by being captured via 3rd party enrollment device, the matching would fail.


2. How to use with Suprema Template 

  1. The ACU should enroll Suprema template and store the user’s template information in the ACU’s memory by its software.
  2. Suprema enrollment device (Ex. BioMini Plus2) should be integrated with the ACU software 
  3. It is mandatory that Suprema template should be captured by Suprema device. 






Q1. Can we use 1:N Matching when connecting BER2 with 3rd party ACU via RS485(OSDP)? 

No, With BER2, you cannot use 1:N Matching. 


Q2. Can we add more than one BER2 as a slave to 3rd party ACU via RS485(OSDP)?

Yes, it is possible to add more than one BER2 however BER2 has always OSDP ID 0 so the ACU software should be able to set different OSDP ID to each BER2.