BioStar 2 TA is a time and attendance module that serves as an add-on to the BioStar 2 platform. The BioStar 2 TA module provides comprehensive time and attendance functionalities to BioStar 2. Combined with user-convenient features such as multiple shift types and overtime rules, BioStar 2 TA simplifies complicated time and attendance management by offering flexibility for diverse applications.

In this webinar, you can learn how to configure BioStar 2 TA.  It's for a beginner level.

Please find out the below descriptions, the recorded video file, the Q&A list, and the relevant article links below. 

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Webinar Agenda:

1. Understanding BioStar2 TA license

2. Understanding BioStar2 TA 24 hours shift concept

3. Activating BioStar2 TA License (online & offline)

4. Activate TA module and register devices

5. Configuration of time code, shifts, schedule template, rules, schedule

6. Available reports and limitations

7. Export report as CSV & PDF

8. Q&A


Hatem Kahla, Regional Technical Manager at Suprema Middle East

Top 5 - Q&A List   

Q.1) The licenses for access control and TA are separated?

Yes, it's separated.  For more details, please click here. 

[BioStar 2] Server License Specification

Q.2) Should we register only the devices for which we need the report?

Yes, it’s simple. Please register the devices where you can get the event logs to fill the reports. 

Q.3) Is it possible for employees to have ta attendance but not open the door?

Currently, we do not support that feature.  We will see if we can add that to BioStar 2 New Feature.

Q.4) How can we determine the holiday? Is it possible to exploit the calendar automatically, or we set it manually?

You should configure the manual for a holiday to Settings>Schedule>Holidays.

Q.5) In the Shift Template, the week starts on Sunday. Is it possible to start on Sunday?

You can configure a template like daily and select the shift that you need according to the days and then in the schedule period you can select the day that you need to start if is Sunday select it and when you get a report, it will start on Sunday.

Q.6) Can I overlap 2 shifts 9-5 Monday to Friday and 8-4 Tuesday to Thursday?

No, it's not possible to overlap 2 shifts 9-5 Monday to Friday and 8 to 4 Tuesday to Thursday. we can assign a temporary shift during the regular shift. But the overlapped shift doesn't support it.

Q.7) What is the meaning of the time rate? and why do we need to use it? Can it be avoided?

You can just enter 1.  That is for total work time if the employees work overtime or weekend work.
Configuring the Type as Attendance Management and Time Rate as 1: This time code will be used to calculate the regular work time. Since the time rate has been set to 1, the work time will be calculated as one hour if an employee works one hour. Configuring the Type as Overtime Management and Time Rate as 2: This time code will be used to calculate the overtime work hour. Since the time rate has been set to 2, the work time will be calculated as two hours if an employee works one hour.

Q.8) How to manage the leave of a half day? How to add annual leave?

You can set the leave for the time period. 

How to use Leave Management function

Q.9) Where do you modify user punch?

In the section " Editing Punch", you can find the steps.
How to edit the report

Q.10) Can we change the language from English to Spanish?

14 predefined languages are supported, and you can also translate for your language if you contact to Suprema Sales team.  For the language setting, go to   Settings>Preference>Language.