Suprema Webinar : Customization Case Studies: Ticket Printing for Canteen System, QR Code Detection for User Credential

Suprema offers not only Access Control and Time Attendance by BioStar 2, but also a variety of systems through FW/SW customization.

In this webinar session, we will see the solution of ticket printer connection and QR code detection that have been frequently requested for customization.

- Ticket printer integration is often used to print meal tickets through ticket printers based on the result of successful user authentication from the device.

- QR code integration is used to replace the card number by detecting the QR code on the A2/FS2 camera.

In this webinar, you can learn about ticket printer and QR code customization case studies.

Please find out the the below descriptions, the recorded video file, the Q&A list, and the relevant article links below. 

Recorded video file: Click here.

Presentation file: Please find the attached file.

Q&A list: Please find the attached file.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Integration with thermal printer
  2. How to make a customization request?
  3. Connection & configuration
  4. Demo and Q&A
  5. How to configure QR authentication
  6. How to make a customization request for QR code ?
  7. Configuration
  8. Demo and Q&A


    Eduardo Palma, Pre-Sales Technical Manager at Suprema Latin America Region

Top 7 Q&A List

Q.1) What kind of brand and model of thermal printer can we use the customized firmware?

  • You can use any brand and model of thermal printers, but you need to consider that thermal printer should support serial communication.

Q.2) Can we have a demo firmware for any of the supported model to test or show demo to customers?

  • Yes, you can have the demo firmware. Please contact Suprema Authorized Partner and Suprema Sales team for further support.

Q.3) If update this customized firmware, can we revert to normal firmware?

Q.4) How do you schedule for staff who is required to eat for more than once?

  • Currently, it is not ready to provide to customers. We should consider a customization, so please contact us for further support.

Q.5) Please explain the difference between FaceLite and FaceStation 2. Why can we use the QR detection with FaceStation 2 not FaceLite?

  • FaceStation 2 has two cameras; one is a visual camera and another one is an IR camera. Visual camera is useful to show the customer's face and take a picture to leave image logs . IR camera is for Face Recognition.
  • Since FaceLite doesn't have the visual camera onto the device, you can use QR Code detection with FaceStation 2 which has the visual camera to detect QR Code.
  • For more detailed information for the difference, please refer to the below link.
  • [BioStar 2] New Production Introduction : What is FaceLite?

Q.6) Can we use double factor, for example, QR code + PIN?

Q.7) Can we use QR code customized feature in VISITOR Module?

  • We are sorry but it is not supported now. You cannot manually put card number for Visitors.