The author of the article is Krista Kim who is in charge of CoreStation Sales.  

CoreStation becomes the world’s First Face Recognition Access Controller. It is true centralized biometric-enabled controller that functionalities with fingerprint and face matching. Discover in this video how you can easily set and use Suprema’s face recognition terminal FaceStation 2 and FaceLite with CoreStation. 


To use that function, please check the version of BioStar 2 SW and the version of CoreStation first.

- BioStar 2:  From Biostar v2.8.3, you can use the feature. BioStar v2.8.3 will be released by July 2020. 

- CoreStation : From CoreStation v1.4, the CoreStation supports the Face Matching Feature with FaceStation 2 and FaceLite, which are connected to RS485(OSDP).  Please download the recent firmware of CoreStation from the below link.

Q1. How many face recognition devices can connect to one CoreStation?  

    5 units. It can connect one unit to each RS485 port of CoreStation.   Please note that you cannot connect multi-Face Recognition devices per one single RS485 port.

Q2. What is the face user capacity of CorStation? 

    3,000 Users (1:N) / 30,000 Users (1:1)

Q3. Can IO devices connect to a Face Recognition Device?

    1 unit of SIO2 and 1 unit of DM-20 can connect to a face recognition device.

Q4. How many slave devices can we connect to CoreStation by RS485, including a face recognition device? 

    64 slave devices (Max. 31 per port). 

Q5. Is it possible for a Face Recognition Device to be connected to CoreStation to enroll the user’s face? 

    No. You need a separate face recognition device connected to the server directly (via Ethernet) for enrollment.