The author of the article is Krista Kim who is in charge of CoreStation Sales.  

CoreStation becomes the world’s First Face Recognition Access Controller. It is true centralized biometric-enabled controller that functionalities with fingerprint and face matching. Discover in this video how you can easily set and use Suprema’s face recognition terminal FaceStation 2 and FaceLite with CoreStation. 


To use that function, please check the version of BioStar 2 SW and the version of CoreStation first.

- BioStar 2:  From Biostar v2.8.3, you can use the feature. BioStar v2.8.3 will be released by July 2020. 

- CoreStation : From CoreStation v1.4, the CoreStation supports Face Matching Feature with FaceStation 2 and FaceLite which are connected to RS485(OSDP).  Please download the recent firmware of CoreStation from the below link.

Q1. How many face recognition devices can connect to one CoreStation?  

    5 units. It can connect one unit to each RS485 port of CoreStation.   Please note that you cannot connect multi-Face Recognition devices per one single RS485 port.

Q2. What is the face user capacity of CorStation? 

    3,000 Users (1:N) / 30,000 Users (1:1)

Q3. Can IO devices connect to Face Recognition Device?

    1 unit of SIO2 and 1 unit of DM-20 can connect to face recognition device.

Q4. How many slave devices can we connect to CoreStation by RS485 including face recognition device? 

    64 slave devices (Max. 31 per port). 

Q5. Is Face Recognition Device possible to be connected to CoreStation enroll user’s face? 

    Currently no. You need separated face recognition device connected to server directly for enrollment. However, we are going to have upgraded firmware that make face recognition device connected to CoreStation can enroll user’s face in near future.