Suprema CoreStation Kit for 4 Door Access Control offers a complete access control solution composed of control panel, readers and a free software and supports quick and easy installation.

In this webinar, Suprema US Technical Support Engineer, Jeff Donahou will walk you through how you can use CoreStation 4 Door Access Control Kit. 

Here's what you can learn: 

•    A Brief Introduction of CoreStation 4 Door Access Control Kit

•    All About wiring of CoreStation 4 Door Kit

•    BioStar 2 Door Configuration with CoreStation 4 Door Kit

•    Get your Questions Answered with a live Q&A 

Recommended Level / Recommend Attendee 

Beginner Technical Sales of Suprema products,  Beginner Technical Engineers of Suprema products


Jeff Donahou, Technical Support Engineer Manger at Suprema US


Recorded video file: Click here.  You can also watch it to Suprema YouTube channel.

Presentation file: Please find the attached file. 

Q&A list: Please the below list.

Useful Links

CoreStation 4 Door Access Control Kit : Click here

Suprema CoreStation (CS-40) Kit Unboxing: Click here


ENCR-10 - enclosure for CoreStation: Click here

Q&A List

1. Is a Power supply included by CoreStation or CoreStation 4 Door Kit?

No, it's not.  Power supply should be purchased by separated order.

2. Do you have a suitable enclosure for CoreStation?

Yes, we do. We have ENCR-10 which is an enclosure for CoreStation.

3. Is CoreStation included with ENCR10?

ENCR10 isn't included CoreStation or CoreStation 4 Door Kit. You should purchase it additionally.

4. How can I with an input open all doors connected to CoreStation and Biostar 2 in case of fire-alarm?

From BioStar 2 AC Standard License, you can configure a Fire Alarm Zone.  Once you set the input in the Fire Alarm Zone Configuration, all door will be opened as soon as the input is detected. 

5.While we are connecting the devices through CoreStation with RS485 connection. What is max distance will accept by CoreStation?

Suprema devicces are connected to CoreStation via RS-485 which is up to 1200 meters when you use the proper cable.

6. The Xpass D2 models are all available for mobile credentials?

It depends on the HW version of XPass D2. XPass D2 (Rev2) supports Suprema Mobile Access.

For more details, please refer the below article.

[BioStar 2] Upgraded Hardware Introduction : XPass D2 (Rev 2)

7.  Could you explain about the expanded modules?

It's DM20. For more details, click here.