What we want to introduce in this page is a feature which can manage Elevator control, not only Floor Level and Access Group but also allowing user to access a specific floor by confirmed schedule. With this function, you can manage Scheduled Unlock Zone of Elevator just like Scheduled Unlock Zone of Door.

    The existing Scheduled Unlock Zone operates based on the Door, but we improved the feature to working on the Elevator. However, it does not work on the entire elevator, It operates on specific Floors.


  • To use this feature, you need to match both BioStar 2 server version and device firmware version.
  • BioStar 2 Version : V2.8.3 or later
  • Some firmware versions are not released yet. Star mark versions(*) will be released in 2020 4Q. (Updated date : Nov 24, 2020)

Product NameVersionProduct NameVersionProduct NameVersion
FaceLiteV1.2.0(*)BioStation A2V1.8.0CoreStationV1.4.0
BioStation 2V1.9.0BioEntry P2V1.4.0XPass 2V1.2.0
FaceStation 2V1.4.0BioEntry W2V1.5.0BioStation L2V1.6.0

* BioStation L2 FW V1.6.0 released in August 2020.

1. To Configure Scheduled Unlock Zone of Elevator

  • The default configuration of Scheduled Unlock Zone is 'Door'. If you want to configure Elevator Scheduled Unlock Zone, you need to toggle 'Door/Elevator' button.
  • After changing the button to 'Elevator', Elevator and Floor menu will come up.

2. Choose Elevator and Floor

  • Floor combo box will come up when you choose an Elevator.
  • You can choose one Elevator and multiple Floors.
  • You can choose the Elevator which already configured in another Scheduled Unlock Zone.

  • You can configure 'Started by User Authentication' feature as well.


3. Checking Elevator's Scheduled Unlock Zone Status

  • When the schedule is started, then the Scheduled Unlock Zone of Elevator will be changed to 'Scheduled Unlock' in Status column.

  • You can check each Floor status at 'BioStar 2 > Monitoring > Floor Status' menu.

  • You can check the Elevator Scheduled Unlock Zone at 'BioStar 2 > Monitoring > Zone Status' menu.

  • You can find Scheduled Unlock Zone history in 'BioStar 2 > Monitoring > Event Log' as follows.