Suprema Mobile Access allows you to use your own smartphone as a key to access doors, facilities, and more. By using your smartphone as a credential, managing, and using an access card becomes easier, faster, and safer.


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In regard with the compatible firmware list and the device list for Suprema Mobile Access, please refer the below table.

We will update this article until all devices below support Mobile Access.

BioStar 2.7.12 or higher version
Product NameMethodRelease
Target DateFW version
XPass 2OOOJanuary 20201.0.1 or higher
BioStar 2.7.14 or higher version
*XPass D2 (Rev 2)OOOApril 20201.4.0 or higher
BioStar 2.8.3 or higher version
BioLite N2
OOOJuly 20201.3.0 or higher
*BioEntry W2OO-3Q 2020-
FaceStation 2
OO-3Q 2020-
FaceLiteOO-3Q 2020-
FaceStation F2OO-2nd half of 2020-
BioStation 2XO-TBD-
BioStation A2XO-TBD-
BioStation L2XO-TBD-
BioEntry P2XO-TBD-
BioEntry R2XO-TBD-

Please be aware that the former XPass D2 does not support Suprema Mobile Access.

XPass D2 (Rev2) supports Suprema Mobile Access. 

* BioEntry W2 does not support BLE yet, but will be supported through a hardware revision.

- Useful article: [BioStar 2] How to Use Suprema Mobile Access