Sometimes, the Anti-Passback status doesn't show the actual status when a user does not actually enter the gate after successful authentication.

BioStar 2 has an additional option using the door status(Door sensor) to show the actual Anti-Passback status. 

With the option enabled, your Anti-Passback zone considers two factors: 1. Authentication, 2. Door sensor.


  • To use this feature, you must match the BioStar 2 server and device firmware versions.
  • BioStar 2 Version : V2.8.3 or later
Product NameVersionProduct NameVersionProduct NameVersion
FaceLiteV1.2.0BioStation A2V1.8.0CoreStationV1.4.0
BioStation 2V1.9.0BioEntry P2V1.4.0XPass 2V1.2.0
FaceStation 2V1.4.0BioEntry W2V1.5.0BioStation L2V1.6.0
BioLite N2V1.3.0FaceStation F2V1.0.0X-Station 2V1.0.0
BioStation 3
V1.0.0BioStation 2aV1.0.0

1. How to enable the door status-based APB?

i) Door setting

  • A door sensor is necessary
  • Enable the option 'User sensor when Entry Confirmed APB enabled' (Default is off)

ii) APB zone setting

The Anti-passback status can follow the rule for each door based on the option 'Entry Confirmed APB.'

2. How differently does it work when the option is enabled or disabled? 

Device 1 with 'Use Sensor when Entry Confirmed APB enabled' ON

The APB alert is not triggered even when you authenticate without the exit door authentication until the door is opened/closed.

Device 2 with 'Use Sensor when Entry Confirmed APB enabled' OFF

The APB alert is triggered even if your door is not opened.