Topic : Suprema G-SDK New Features

Suprema G-SDK is a new software development kit for allowing Suprema devices to be integrated with third-party software. It is a lightweight, scalable, and cross-platform solution which expedites your development.

The Suprema G-SDK V1.0 which is released in March 2020 had only basic functions.

This webinar will introduce the key specifications added to the recently released G-SDK V1.1.

New features

1. Device Gateway

1) RS485 slave

2) Wiegand slave

2. Master Gateway

1) All APIs supported by Device Gateway

2)  Strong authentication

3)  100 Device Gateway support

3. Client SDK

1)  Add C++ sample

2)  Add Master Gateway (connection, Certificate management) sample

Recorded video file: Download here

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Q&A list: Please the below list.


YJ Jung, Technical Support Senior Engineer at Suprema 

Useful Links

G-SDK Introduction

G-SDK Manual  

G-SDK Download

Q&A List  

Q.1) Is Master Gateway mandatory on v1.1?

No, you can only use with Device Gateway only on v1.1 too.

Q.2) Is there any ongoing project with G-SDK?

Yes, we have three customers who asked for help with G-SDK v1.0 but probably it was only for simple functions like logs or user management. (Because there’s no advanced function with v1.0)

Q.3) Why would they use G-SDK rather than Device SDK?

It is more suitable for cloud platforms and scalable(up to 100,000 devices) and easy to deploy with a language other than C++/C#.

Q.4) When can we use fully functional version of G-SDK?

G-SDK v1.2(Oct 2020) will have full APIs as Device SDK

Q.5) Does G-SDK support F2 or Thermal camera with FS2?

F2 – G-SDK v1.2

Thermal camera with FS2 – We will have the plan and include it to v1.2. (Updated, 1-Aug.-2020)