Dear Valued Partners,

BioStar 2 v2.8.4 is now available from our website. (Download)

Please check the below and keep using the latest version of BioStar 2.

New Features & Improvements

1. Stabilization of features for Mobile Access.

  • Improved the logic for issuing Mobile Access Cards.
  • Improved the logic for issuing Mobile Access Cards using CSV. (Related Article)
  • Added pop-up error code messages.
  • Added and improved messages related to Mobile Access Cards.
  • Limited the number of Mobile Access Cards that can be issued on the User details page.
  • Added pop-up messages to display dynamic sites are not supported yet.
  • Added check logic for devices that do not support Mobile Access Cards.

2. Improvement of backup and recovery logic for Web-App, CGI server system.conf.

3. Exclusion of TLS V1.1 for improved security

4. Improvement of redirection to the Suprema technical support page link ( when REST API request fails.

5. Improved Thrift communication logic log.

6. Improved security vulnerabilities on Redis.

7. Improvements on New API 2.8.0 (Related Article)

  • Updated API descriptions and phrases.
  • Disabled filters for users who have not accessed the system for a long time when outputting a new API list.
  • Disabled blacklist filter when outputting a new API list.
  • Added descriptions for required parameters in relation to the elevator.
  • Added API for unlocking devices.
  • Improved the problem of an error occurring when specifying an ID upon creating a user group by using POST/api/user_groups.

8. Improvements on usability

  • Allowed users to enter a domain of at least 6 characters in ‘86 character@60-.20-.6-‘ format, depending on the user‘s email address type.

  • Changed the 'Edit' column of Custom Account Levels Set to 'Edit/Read'.

  • Added Central European Time (CET) to the time zone option.

  • Displayed required items on the User details page.

  • Changed the default value to Access on Card from the smart card issue menu.

  • Improved sequence to move back to the device list page when the device is rebooted for language change, firmware upgrade, factory reset, etc.
  • Allowed device filtering in the MONITORING menu upon accessing it as a custom level administrator.

  • Changed the fields of Login ID and Password to be automatically hidden when the user’s operation level is set to ‘None’.

  • Prevented creation on user ID withonly 0s.
  • Excluded unnecessary error logs.

9. Changed queries to retry for lock error occurring when multiple queries are executed at the same time.

10. Added step of checking the root password upon upgrading BioStar 2.

Bug Fixed

* Main bug fixes are mentioned below. Please check the attached revision note to find the left items.

1. Allowed the unassigned card on the server to be registered by card reader or enter manually.

2. Data files using unsupported time formats failed to be imported.

3. Active Directory failed to synchronize when using Personal Information DB Encryption.

4. When searching for a user in the MS SQL Server database environment, the user failed to be found even though the user ID is within the supported range.

5. Partially missing event logs in the database when the server was overloaded.