Topic: BioStar 2 New Features v2.8.1 - v2.8.3 with beta v2.8.2.90 (Suprema Thermal Camera) 

BioStar 2 is a web-based, open, and integrated security platform that provides comprehensive functionality for access control, time & attendance, visitor management, and video logs.

This webinar will introduce the major features of the recent version of BioStar 2 and show how to use Suprema Thermal Camera with beta v2.8.2.90.

1) v2.8.1 : BioStar 2 TA - Improved Individual Report
2) v2.8.2 : Bug fix
3) v2.8.2.90 (beta) : Suprema Thermal Camera
4) v2.8.3 :
Included FaceStation 2 and FaceLite as RS485 Slave devices of CoreStation
Suprema Mobile Access on BioLite N2
Scheduled Unlock Zone on Elevator
Improved APB Zone with using door sensor

Recommended Level / Recommend Attendee 

Intermediate Technical Sales of Suprema products, Intermediate Technical Engineers of Suprema products  

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Q&A list: Please the below list.


Laney Lee

Technical Support Engineer I Suprema

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Q&A List  

1.  Can thermal camera work for the visitor who does not have face enrolled before?

We have an option to check the temperature only. You can use the option. Once the option is enabled, the device will check the temperature only without user authentication.

2.  In the event logs of BioStar 2 v2.8.2.90x when I use temperature checking only, the user ID says something strange number, which is 4561234 ( like this). Is that possible to be changed as unknown or something looks good?

This is as designed. 

The virtual user ID 4294967295 is displayed when there is check temperature success".

3.  Just to clarify, you said that if we have Biostar version 2.8.3 or 2.8.4 or 2.8.5 we cannot use the thermal camera. Is that correct, please?

Yes, we will support that to BioStar v2.8.6 officially.

4.  Can I install the thermal camera without the corestation, just to let it work alone?

Suprema Thermal Camera is supported in FS2 only currently.  You cannot use TCM10-FS2 as a RS485 slave device.