Applied for Users who want to use TCM-10-FS2

Applied to BioStar v2.8.6 or high version

Applied to FaceStation 2 - v1.4.0_200918

Updated Date : 14 Oct. 2020

Suprema Thermal Camera that can be used in combination with FaceStation 2 to detect users with elevated skin temperature. It is expected to enhance security and safety at sites by combining face recognition and skin temperature measurement. Suprema solution has increased the accuracy and consistency of the temperature measurement by using the face recognition algorithm of the FaceStation 2 to pinpoint the upper area of the face.   The model name of the product is TCM10-FS2.  For the product information, click here.

How To Configure : Device Configuration

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1) Add a FaceStation 2 which has TCM10 to BioStar 2 and then, click the device.

2) Confirm the firmware and check if the firmware is v1.4.0_200918. 

3) Go to Advanced and then, scroll down and find Thermal Camera.

4) Enable the option - Thermal Camera Use.

5) Refer the available options and then, enable or disable in accordance with your environment. 

  • Celsius/Fahrenheit : Change the unit of temperature.
  • Threshold Temp. (℃/℉) : Set the threshold temperature to limit the access. Users with detected temperature over the threshold will be denied access.
  •  Save Temp. Data : Save temperature data to Event Log. When this mode is Enabled, it saves both authentication and temperature logs. When this mode is Disabled, it only saves authentication logs.
  •  Auth Fail Sound : Set the alerts to trigger when the skin temperature is higher than the preset threshold.
  •  Show Infrared Image : Display infrared imaging on the screen of the devices.
  •  Check Temp. Mode : Set the check temperature mode depending on the desired usage.

▪ Authenticate Before Temperature Check: Measure the skin temperature after a successful authentication. 

▪ Authenticate After Temperature Check: Authenticate only when the user is within the range of the preset temperature threshold. When this mode is activated, it does not attempt to authenticate users identity if their temperature has been detected to be above the threshold. 

▪ Check Temperature Only: Detect skin temperature without authentication. This mode allows users within the range of the preset threshold to access without checking their identity or access rights. 


Don't set Camera Configuration and keep the setting in gray box below.

How To Configure : Device Configuration - Trigger & Action

1) Go to Device>Advanced>Trigger&Action.

You can make an output signal or, an alert sound if there are Access denied (Exceeded threshold temperature)  log or Access denied (Check temperature only) 

2) Go to Setting > TRIGGER & ACTION.

Sending an email to Administrator or making an output signal are available.

For more detailed steps, refer to How to configure Trigger and Action on Setting.

(Email Alert Example - Exceeded Threshold temperature)

From BioStar v2.8.7, temperature data will be included.

How To Check The Temperature : Monitoring

1) Go to Monitoring>Event Log

Please refer Temp... line.

- If you cannot see the column, please click [...] and find the column.

2) Go to Monitoring>Real-Time Log

Please refer Temp... line. 

How To Refer the temperature data with 3rd party software : BioStar 2 DB Table

The temperature data is stored in TEMPER of t_lgYYYYMM table.

It's a data (original Celsius temperature x 100) to translate between Celsius and Fahrenheit in BioStar 2 Monitoring properly.

Please consider that part and divide by 100.  

i.e. You can refer the below query for dividing it by 100.  It's Celsius.

SELECT *, temper/100 AS "Temperature", ROUND(temper/100, 1) AS "Actual Temperature" FROM t_lg202007;

* If you want to refer it to Fahrenheit, you should make your query to convert it.

<Result - Example>