Dear Valued Partners,

BioStar 2 v2.8.5 is now available from our website. (Download)

Please check the below and keep using the latest version of BioStar 2.

New Features & Improvements

1. Supports Wiegand devices as a time and attendance management device. (Related Article)

2. Improvement on usability of individual reports.

  • Added a row to display working hours to at the top of the report list for the period selected.

  • Changed column order and initial settings of the updated individual reports when selecting 'All Punches' option.

  • Improvement to the speed of viewing updated individual reports by selecting the ‘In/Out Only’ option.

3. Improvement to allow users with general user permissions to update own TA reports. (Related Article)

Bug Fixed

* Main bug fixes are mentioned in below. Please check attached revision note to find left items.

1. When the individual report was updated by selecting the ‘All Punches’ option, screen entered into an infinite loop state.

2. Upon  setting  a  temporary  schedule  or  leave,  if  ‘Apply  to  Other  user(s)’  was  selected,  an  error  occurred.

3. List sorting by name and date did not work properly in individual reports.

4. Daily reports did not display the time of In and Out correctly after generating individual reports with ‘All Punches’ option.

5. When there are many accumulated time cards, the speed of updating reports will slow down.