From BioStar 2.8.6, FaceStation F2 is supported. FaceStation F2 supports Suprema's thermal camera product TCM10-FSF2 from the first firmware. It will be easier for customers to use TCM10-FSF2 on FaceStation F2 if they have encountered TCM10-FS2 on FaceStation 2.

1. Connect the TCM10-FSF2 product to FaceStation F2. Refer to the picture below for the bracket sample and thermal camera product.



  • The USB port types of FaceStation F2 and FaceStation 2 are different.  (FaceStation F2 - USB Type C, FaceStation 2 - USB Type A)
  • The TCM10-FS2 cable is of a different type from the TCM10-FSF2 cable.
  • Supported FaceStation F2 products are FSF2-DB, FSF2-AB, or FSF2-ODB.

2. Add the FaceStation F2 product to your BioStar 2. Please double check if it is BioStar 2.8.6 or higher.

3. Activate the Thermal Camera function on the FaceStation F2 product.

1) How to check in FaceStation F2 device menu

  • Device menu> Authentication> Face> Advanced Settings
  • Download the device user guide from the link below and check the details. (Download Link)

2) How to check in BioStar 2

  • BioStar 2> Device> (Choose your device)> Thermal & Mask

4. If FaceStation F2 and TCM10-FSF2 are well connected, user authentication will be displayed on the temperature on the screen as shown in the sample below.