From BioStar 2.8.6, FaceStation F2 is supported. FaceStation F2 supports Suprema's thermal camera product TCM10-FSF2 from the first firmware. It will be easier for customers to use TCM10-FSF2 on FaceStation F2 if they have encountered TCM10-FS2 on FaceStation 2.

1. Connect the TCM10-FSF2 product to FaceStation F2. Refer to the picture below for the bracket sample and thermal camera product.



  • The USB port types of FaceStation F2 and FaceStation 2 are different. (FaceStation F2 - USB Type C, FaceStation 2 - USB Type A)
  • The TCM10-FS2 cable is of a different type from the TCM10-FSF2 cable.
  • Supported FaceStation F2 products are FSF2-DB, FSF2-AB, or FSF2-ODB.

2. Add the FaceStation F2 product to your BioStar 2. Please double-check if it is BioStar 2.8.6 or higher.

3. Activate the Thermal Camera function on the FaceStation F2 product.

1) How to check on the FaceStation F2 device menu

  • Device menu > Authentication > Face > Advanced Settings
  • Download the device user guide from the link below and check the details. (Download Link)

2) How to check on BioStar 2

  • BioStar 2 > Device > (Choose your device) > Thermal & Mask