Applicable for Users who want to use TCM10-FS2, TCM10-FSF2

Applied to BioStar v2.8.6 only

Updated Date : 20 Oct. 2020

From BioStar 2 v2.8.6, BioStar 2 supports Suprema Thermal Camera. 

To access the temperature data through BioStar 2 new Local API, currently, you should use the below patch file since BioStar 2 doesn't include Swagger UI. Official Swagger updates will be available in 2020 4Q. 

Please be aware that this patch is only compatible with BioStar v2.8.6. If you are using a higher version than BioStar v2.8.6, please create a ticket. Suprema team will assist you. 

- How to apply the patch file:

1. Stop all services of BioStar 2 through BioStar Setting.
2. Download the patch file and unzip.
- swagger.zip
3. Go to the following path and back up the original file.
- Path: C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\nginx\html\swagger\swaggerApiFile 
- Filename: swagger.json
4. Overwrite the patch file to the path.
5. Start all services of BioStar 2 through BioStar Setting.
6. Confirm whether you can see APIs related to temperature data.

- Release note 


  • Indicate version update (2.8.6)

  • Descripted thermal function of PUT /api/devices/{id} - Body of request & Model

  • Descripted thermal function of GET /api/devices/{id} - Response's Model 

  • Descripted temperature information in POST /api/events/search - Response's Model

  • Added [POST] /api/events/search/thermal