Q. BioStar 2 SW supports the mobile enrollment method for F2 device. Does SDK support this with F2 too?


SDK support the photo enrollment for F2. SDK users can develop directly the mobile enrollment method using this feature. 

Basically, BS2_ExtraceTemplateFaceEx extracts face template data from a photo and it returns as BS2TemplateEx data. 

The problem is you need to fill out BS2FaceEx to enroll a user with a photo. You must manually fill out other parameters in BS2FaceEx other than BS2TemplateEx when enrolling a user with a photo, which could lead you to an issue. 

Rather, you can enroll a user referring to an image file in the beginning. BSDemo sample code shows the details of this process. 

For the mobile enrollment, you can create a website link where you can upload user's photo then link then implement this link into your SDK code-user enrolling part.