Suprema officially supports Suprema Mobile Access Dynamic Site from BioStar2 V2.8.9.

Dynamic Site Policy

  • Dynamic Site allows you to reissue, revoke, or discontinue mobile access cards or specify the expiration date. It deducts credits according to the period of use or devices. You can use Dynamic in gyms, libraries, or shared facilities where it provides membership services.
  • The BioStar 2 server needs to be connected to the Internet and run ONLY when issuing or deleting a Dynamic Card.
  • Mobile devices for which Dynamic Cards have been issued must ALWAYS be connected to the Internet. In unavoidable cases, a maximum exception time of 5 minutes is allowed, but after that, it will be marked as network disconnected, and you cannot use the access card.
  • There is only one site that you can register in BioStar 2 → Settings → Mobile Access. Dynamic Site and Regular Site cannot be connected to one BioStar 2 server.

  • If you create a Dynamic Site on Airfob Portal, you can issue a Suprema Mobile Access card for free for 1 MONTH without purchasing a license. When the free trial period has expired, and if you have not purchased a separate credit for the Dynamic Site, you will be notified as follows:

    1. BioStar 2: An alert message will show if the administrator tries to issue or delete the mobile access card. (The site is currently under payment requested status. Please change the site's credit from the Airfob Portal and try again.)

    2. Airfob Portal: Free usage period expiration email sent to Dynamic Site administrator account.

    3. Airfob Pass: The card issued at Dynamic Site is changed now to suspended.

  • The credit deduction method of the Dynamic site is different from the Regular.
Card Issuance LimitationUnlimited
Credit Deduction Policy1 Credit deduction per device registered
Billing MethodMonthly
* Contact the Sales Representative for further details. (Link
  • A detailed description of difference between Dynamic Site and Regular Site: Related Article


  • If the dynamic site is connected, the message about credit deduction is NOT confirmed when the Mobile Access Card is issued. (Same for issuing directly from the user page and through CSV.)
  • If the dynamic site is connected, you MUST enter the expiration date of the Mobile Access Card.
  • When a batch-issuing a Mobile Access Card for a Dynamic Site through CSV Import, import FAILS if there is no information about the start and end date of the card's validity period.

  • After creating a dynamic site, the credit is verified as 0, even if a device is added. Even if the credit is 0, you CAN proceed with issuing and authenticating a Mobile Access Card for the Dynamic Site for free for MONTH.

How To Issue Dynamic Card

Step 1. Go to the Airfob Portal and create a Dynamic Site. (Airfob Portal:

Step 2. [BioStar 2 > Settings > Mobile Access] and connect with the Dynamic Site you created at Step 1.

Step 3. [BioStar 2 > Settings > Mobile Access] and add your device supporting Suprema Mobile Access.

  • The device list in the Airfob Portal will be automatically updated.

Step 4.  Add a user from the [BioStar 2 > User] menu.

  • Essentials: Name and email address
  • Optional: User profile image, department, job title information

Step 5. Enroll Mobile Access Card.

  • Can choose between manually entering a card ID or using a random card ID.
  • Can choose whether you will refer to the profile photo, department, and job title. (You can ONLY choose when you enroll the user with each item.)
  • Need to configure validity period for Mobile Access Card in Dynamic Site.

Step 6. After completing the card issuance in BioStar 2, access the Airfob Portal to check if the card issuance was successful.

  • Before Activation: The Mobile Access Card download link is sent to the user, and the download has not yet been received.
  • Activated: The user has downloaded the Mobile Access Card to the mobile phone.

Step 7. Open the mailbox on your phone and download the Mobile Access Card. There are two ways to download it:

  1. Click the download button in the email (Related Article)
  2. Use an activation code (Related Article)

  • After completing the Mobile Access Card download, the card's status will change to Activated in the Airfob Portal.

Step 8. Turn on the phone's NFC or BLE function and authenticate the Mobile Access Card to the device registered in Step 3. You can check the user authentication log in BioStar 2> Monitoring.