Article Author: Krista Kim

All Suprema fingerprint devices can connect to CoreStation as a RS-485 slave device. Supported devices are BioStation A2, BioStation 2, BioStation L2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry N2, BioEntry P2 and BioEntry R2.   

Please note that FaceStation F2 ODB does not support connecting CoreStation.

Step 1. Wire the RS485 cables between CoreStation and Suprema Fingerprint Readers.

1-1.    Wire TRX+, TRX-, GND of fingerprint device to TRX+, TRX-, GND of CoreStation 

Note that RS485 GND of fingerprint device should connect to GND of CoreStation    

As for RS-485 wiring, please refer to each device manual. 

[Both BioStar] Daisy Chain and RS485 Connection

Step 2. Add CoreStation to BioStar 2 and search Slave Device in the device list.

2-1.    Click [Search Device] or [Advanced Search] to add CoreStation through UDP search or TCP search.

2-2.    Right-click on CoreStation icon and click Search Slave Device.

2-3.    Add slave fingerprint devices as follows.

For adding RS485 slave device, click RS485 Mode (Master, Default, Slave).

Step 3. Go to User and add a new user with fingerprint credentials.

3-1. Add User>Credential>[+Fingerprint]

3-2. Select fingerprint device connected to CoreStation, click [+Add] in Enroll Fingerprint and then, click [Scan] to enroll a fingerprint.

You can add up to 10 fingerprints per user.

3-3. Click [Enroll] to store the scanned fingerprint to BioStar2.

3-4. Check if the user’s fingerprint template is enrolled and click [Apply] to synchronize the user to connected devices.

Step 4. (Optional) Go to Device>Click the check box of CoreStation>Click Manage Users in Device if you need to check the registered user into the CoreStation.