Article Author: Krista Kim

All Suprema Mobile Access supported devices can connect to CorStation except for FaceStation F2 and be used via Airfob Pass. Please find the list of Suprema Mobile Access supported devices from the link below. 

[Suprema Mobile Access] Supported Devices List of Mobile Access

Step 1. Wire RS485 cables of a device to a RS485 port of CoreStation.

-    Wire TRX+, TRX-, GND of the device to TRX+, TRX-, GND of CoreStation 

-    Note that RS485 GND of device should connect to GND of CoreStation  

As for RS-485 wiring, please refer to each device manual. 

[Both BioStar] Daisy Chain and RS485 Connection

Step 2. Add CoreStation to BioStar 2 and search Slave Device in the device list. 

2-1.    Click [Search Device] or [Advanced Search] to add CoreStation through UDP search or TCP search.

2-2.    Right-click on CoreStation icon and click Search Slave Device.

2-3.    Add slave fingerprint devices as follows.

For adding RS485 slave device, click RS485 Mode (Master, Default, Slave). 

Step 3. Set Airfob Portal Configuration in BioStar 2 Settings,

3-1. Go to BioStar 2 Settings and click [Mobile Access].

3-2. Enable Mobile Acess Setting and update [Site Type], [Site ID], [Email], and [Password] of the exsisting Airfob Portal.

For the more details of Airfob Portal Site, click here.

3-3. Click [+Add] in Device Registration and select the connected devices on the CoreStation.

Step 4. (Optional) Check the list of devices registered in BioStar2 are synced to Airfob Portal if you want to confirm.