When getting started with the BioStar 2 API or SDK, or any API/SDK in general really, some users have the problem of where they should start (Myself being one of them).

In the attached guides, I go through how exactly you could interact with the BioStar 2 API and SDK with a few example calls, some basic CMD scripting (for the API) and some more advanced C# scripting (for the SDK).

The only requirement of the API guide will be to first install BioStar 2, as the new API comes bundled with the software (From version 2.7.10).

The requirements for the SDK section will be to swap out BioStar 2 for Visual Studio 2019 (other versions can be used, I'm using 2019 although) and the SDK files located at: https://github.com/supremainc/BioStar2_device_SDK/releases

What is the API or SDK, and what is the difference? 

API stands for Application Programming Interface, where SDK stands for Software Development Kit

An API is a set of functions that allows you to interface with an existing bit of software (I.E BioStar 2), This means any interaction with Suprema devices will need an installation of BioStar 2 to be already installed and that you are actually interacting with the BioStar 2 server and not the devices. Starting with BioStar 2.7.10, there is a new version of the API that includes more functions. 

An SDK is a collection of tools that you can use to develop your own applications using a particular framework/platform. Regarding the BioStar 2 SDK, this will be the BS_SDK_V2.dll file. This .DLL contains many APIs that can be used with C++ & C# programming languages. There is also the new G-SDK which functions along the same principal but is based upon gRPC, which can support more languages that the existing SDK (Will be included in a future knowledge article). Using the SDK, you cut BioStar 2 out completely and directly interact with the device. 

Comparing both, the API will be used where you are happy for BioStar 2 to handle most of the work, BioStar 2 would be storing the fingerprint and user data; The API lets you use BioStar 2 from inside another application, so it does not look like BioStar 2. The SDK will be used when you want to connect directly to the device from your own application; Your application would have to handle the connection and the storage of data. The SDK will also allow you to use specific API’s that are not available in the BioStar 2 API.

API Guide available at: https://slack-files.com/TBWPWL1GF-F01NPQBERP0-61f3bddb45

SDK Guide available at: https://slack-files.com/TBWPWL1GF-F01NFQLPT2B-3f5eb5bcbe