We tested Suprema Mobile Access by using some Andriod smartphones such as below whether those are supported. 

Please check whether you are using the smartphone which supports Mobile Access and which mode is supported it.

Tested Devices: 

XPass D2(rev 2)_FW v1.4.1[2020/07/15 22:46:21]

BLN2-OAB_FW v1.3.1[2020/07/02 13:46:33]

XPass 2_FW v1.2.0[2020/04/09 01:14:33]

ManufacturerMobile DeviceModel NameOS versionNFCBLEAirfob Patch
Standard modeCard modeForegroundBackgroundBLE ForegroundBLE Background
NokiaNokia 7.1HMD Global Nokia 7.129(10)YYYYYY
NokiaNokia 5.1 MoreHMD Global Nokia 5.1 Plus29(10)NNYYYY
BLÜStudio ViewBLU Studio View27(8.1.0)NNYYYY
BLÜC6BLUE C6 201927(8.1.0)NNYYYN
HuaweiHuawei P30 LiteHuawei MAR-LX3Bm29(10)NNYYYN
HuaweiHuawei Y6sHuawei JAT-LX328(9)NNYYYN
HuaweiHuawei Y6PHuawei MED-LX9
Huawei2018 Huawei Y7Huawei LDN-Lx326(8.0.0)NNYNYY
MotorolaMotorola Edge +Motorola Edge +

* Huawei Y6s takes 6-7 seconds to authenticate in background mode using BLE.
* BLÜ Studio vie works in background from but takes 8 to 10 seconds, so it is recommended to use it in forground mode.
* Huawei Y6p does not have PlayStore so it is impossible to download the Airfob pass.
* Nokia phones work in background mode using BLE, but you need to do authentication with the app open and then start working properly.
* Using Airfob Patch, it was tested with BioEntry R2 and Wiegand HID R10 reader.
* For background use using Airfob Patch, one must authenticate earlier to the foreground and then start working properly.