Some customers want to issue the ticket after authentication on Suprema devices for managing the meal count.

We introduce the procedure of how to integrate the Ticket printer with the Suprema device in below.

1. What do we need to use a printer with the Suprema device?

We need to consider a ticket printer, with respect to this case we can do the integration with any printer brand, but as long as it has serial communication.

2. How can we connect the printer and Suprema device?

Most Printers work with serial communication, so we need to have an RS232 to RS485 converter, as you can see in the following image:

We recommend using a passive converter; if you have a voltage on the device, communication between the printer and the Suprema device may not work properly.


If your converter has a D9 connection, you should consider a converter to DB25 if your printer does not have this type of connection. You can ask your printer provider about the connection.

3. Which device we are able to use?

Once we have the printer and converter, we should consider the Suprema device you want to use for this application. We recommend screened devices because you can setup codes and with this, you can have the "Action" on the ticket. For example, Check-In, Check-Out, Start or End Meals, Etc.

We can use the BioStation Series, FaceStation 2, FaceLite, and BioLite N2.

Example: T&A key set on BioLite N2

4. How can we receive the FW which supports the ticket print function?

After choosing the device, you should open a ticket on our support platform: Support Site

Once we have the ticket, our technical support will submit the customization request form(required). He needs to fill it out and send us. You may refer to the following explanation:

Personalized information 

This information is necessary for our sales team to consider the priority of customization. 

Project name: You can enter your customer's name if you don't have your project name or company name. 

Requested delivery date (when you need to receive firmware): it is very important to specify the date you need it, because with this our RnD team will tell us if it is possible to deliver the customization on time. 

Project requirements (as many details as possible): As I mentioned earlier, you must explain the information you want on the ticket. You can refer to the following sample: 

Project size (i.e. BioStation2 x 100): We recommend that you include the total devices you will have in your project with this custom firmware. 

Firmware and software to customize (BS2-OMPW 1.3 and BioStar 2.5/ or the latest firmware): You must specify the model, firmware version you want to customize, and the version of Biostar 2 that you will use in your project. If you're integrating the supreme devices with a third party, you should mention that you'll also use the SDKs. 

5. How to integrate the ticket printer and Suprema device?

After the customization request is complete and our R&D team sends you the custom FW, you will be ready to integrate.

As we mentioned earlier, you should consider a serial converter, a ticket printer with serial communication, and the Suprema device. The connection is as follows:

6. How can we configure the connection of the whole system?

The connection should be made as shown below:

The Suprema device should connect via TCP/IP to BioStar 2 because we need to configure the codes and transmission speed according to the printer settings.

7. How to upgrade the custom FW on the Suprema device?

You may refer to the following steps:

a. Past your custom firmware into the below path/

- Path> C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\firmware\

b. Log in to BioStar 2 and add the device. Upgrade the firmware as you can see in the following screenshot:

c. Setting the transmission speed on the device. In the RED section:

d. Setting the code on the device. In the ADVANCED section:


1. Set the T&A mode to Per User.
2. Enable the required T&A option.
3. Type the tags you may use on the device for each authentication success.